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Delight in Faith and Benedict Cumberbatch

Let’s talk faith.


I used to pray to an all knowing, separate God. I used to ask for things, beg for things, thank him for things. Now, my evolving relationship with God, Universe, Soul, Higher Power includes a healthy dose of humor and personal responsibility.

It Is Well With My Soul

Garrison Keillor once joked, “You know you are a Methodist if when you watch Star Wars and they say 'May the Force be with you,' you instinctively respond 'And also with you.’”  

A Whale of a Teacher

It’s a big concept that demands faith- to feel one’s way forward and know that God/Universe will bring you something that meets, no- exceeds, your dreams.

I’ve heard the success story so often that it’s hard to deny. “I dreamed this, and it came true.”  I’ve also experienced that success story myself. Several times.  And yet, I still battle with fear and doubt. “Really? HOW will this work,” I think.