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Forget Nice

Without having gone through betrayal, I would have just grown up to be a nice old lady.  Not ruffling too many feathers. Still walking away without a remark if someone seemed a little unusual, unpredictable or unkind.  Still trying to fit nicely into this world and expecting everyone to be nice to me in return.

But the world isn’t like that. Not always.

The Middle Path

I chose to stay in a relationship, 15 years in, after learning of betrayals. It was not a decision I broadcast. I wasn’t particularly proud of the decision at the time. Truthfully, I wished people didn’t know about it, but it was impossible to hide. 

My Story

I knew something was off, but I couldn’t identify it. It felt like my 15-year relationship was spinning around, discussions replaying like a broken record, patterns repeating again and again.