Forget Nice

Forget Nice

You know what?


Without having gone through betrayal, I would have just grown up to be a nice old lady.  Not ruffling too many feathers. Still walking away without a remark if someone seemed a little unusual, unpredictable or unkind.  Still trying to fit nicely into this world and expecting everyone to be nice to me in return.


But the world isn’t like that. Not always.


And now I believe that the world needs more people willing to be clear,  willing to say something is not ok, willing to speak their truth.


So, now I say, stop relying on nice. Instead, be good.


Care about people and know that still, sometimes, that is not enough.


Demand respect. Demand kindness. Demand value. It’s critical to insist on these things.


Be clear about what you overlook in order to be nice. Understand what you are overlooking and why.


Now I say, relish your big mistakes. Learn from them and let them guide you into a bigger life. Cultivate a sense of humor about them and for extra points, practice failing by being bold enough to live differently.


Be weird. Be different. Be unusual.


Be strong. Be a leader. Be a voice for others.


Do things that leave you energized, vital, and don’t leave a hangover.


Regularly do things that scare you.


Stop being nice to please everyone. Instead, boldly love those you love, and quit the ones who don’t return the sentiment wholeheartedly.


Speak the truth. Real truth. Hard truth. Vulnerable truth. Always. Wear your insides on your outside and be totally congruent.


Know that things people say may not be true. This is easy to forget.


Also realize that your thoughts may not be true either, so hold them loosely.


Know who is on your support team and cherish them madly.


Find your strengths and use them as often as possible.


Forget nice. 


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