How to Turn on your Heart Light

How to Turn on your Heart Light

If you are regularly doing something that a) makes you deliriously happy and b) doesn’t hurt anyone else, this post is not for you. You are on the right track. Keep it up, samurai.


But if you’re not doing this … perhaps you are doing all the “right” things: saving extra money, exercising, eating kale, keeping the chocolate intake to a minimum, tithing, taking care of the kids, but you aren’t doing something that makes you uproariously, riotously happy on a regular basis… then I’m talking to you.


The world needs you to be happy.


Maybe you don’t have the time to devote to frivolity. Maybe you don’t know what makes you happy anymore. Maybe you think happiness doesn’t work alone. Maybe you think you need more moola to be happy. Maybe you’re just too stressed and tired and foggy and pudgy or whatever.


You know what’s happening? You’ve silenced your heart.


Your heart can only speak truth, and when that truth is an inconvenient one, you ignore it. Let’s say your heart wants you to rest more, but you don’t think there’s time for it. Let’s say your heart wants you to leave a cushy job, but if you do, you  won’t be able to afford your big house. Let’s say your heart knows that something is wrong in your relationship, but every time you try to talk with your significant other about it, he gets annoyed. So you stop bringing it up. Or say you grew up with someone who told you that your heart isn’t worth listening to in the first place. 


It seems easier to ignore that that sweet little heart of yours. So you silence it.


Let that sink in. YOU silence it.


You say to your heart I don’t understand you. You don’t make sense. Why can’t you be smart about this? You’re flighty. You just hurt. 


When you silence your heart, the world goes dead bit-by-bit around you. It no longer rings and instead becomes a monotonous ticking and checking of boxes. It gives you less of the stuff that makes you sing. Time passes quickly without anything to show for it. Annoyance at other people’s happiness grows. The world feels dry and numb. You’ll wonder what on earth ever made you laugh so hard that milk came out your nose? And you’ll wonder if this is what growing old feels like.


Now, if you were to start listening to messages from your heart again, the entire world would change.


You’d have to pay attention. It may say things you don’t like, like I’m angry. I’m lonely. I don’t like being treated this way.  You’d hear it hurt and abandoned. You’d notice how it responds to people you love and who say they love you, too. And it might be scary because it might lead to big change in your life (read: Ginormous Total Life Change! Scary as HELL). But, it would start to ring for you again. It would send out little messages, and the more often you caught and responded to them, the louder the missives would get. Your pure little beating heart would begin to tell you what it likes, what it doesn’t like, and what it loves so that you could do those things that make you happy. Pronto.


And, when the messages from your heart get strong, so strong that you simply must listen to them or else, then you become the courageous, bold and kind light that everyone is talking about. When you shine, you teach others to do the same.


Your healing is not separate from everyone else.  Everyone else’s hearts begin to unlock, too.


When you are connected to your truth, to what makes you happy, you heart tells you everything you need- when to stop, when to leave, when to seek information, when to set clear boundaries, when to relax, when to play.  And life starts to answer your call. It responds to your frequency.


So, yes, I want you to be happy. I want your heart to be known and accepted. You owe it to the people around you. You owe it to those who don’t know their own hearts yet.


Security over Vitality

Security over Vitality